The Left and Right Brain – in Conversation!!


Right brain (R) : Hey!

Left brain (L) : What ?

R : Whatchu doin ?

L : Doin some analytical thinkin.. I am stuck on this thing since last night without any solution. Its driving me crazy!

R : See now that’s the problem with you. Your ways are too… you know… ROBOTIC!

L: Really? So what according to you, shall solve my problem? Rainbow crayons and Unicorn stickers?

R: You can try. Wudn’t hurt you know.

L: You’ve got to be kiddin me.

R: I don’t mean to offend you but logical reasoning and experimentation are not the only things that are the essence of existence. There are other important things too.


R: Look you are doing it again .. :/ Can you just, for once, think with your heart and not your brain?

L: You mean my full-sized aortic pump?


L: Sorry but everything that’s been said or done has got to have some proof to it. Otherwise how can one believe in it?

R: Nobody has proved the existence of God. But people believe in Him, don’t they?

L: Well I don’t.

R: That is because you never see beyond experiments. There is a colourful world out there waiting to be explored and it needs an open mind. A mind that is free of rusty scientific locks and dusty analytical bolts!

L: Tell this to your doctor the next time you are down with diarrhoea. They will treat your runny system with an open mind without applying any medical-science locks and bolts whatsoever.

R: Dont you see that you are limiting your world ? Dont you see, that by defining one shortest pathway as your mode of travel you are missing out on the longest but the most beautiful one?

L: Like how?

R: ok,lets take an example of the problem on which you were stuck earlier. What was it about?

L: I was trying to prove this theory. I cannot get through a certain area in the flowchart which is quite convoluted, even for me.

R: ok, i don’t know one bit about your theory or what the hell a flowchart is,but i surely know the solution to your problem.

L: And that is?

R: TAKE A BREAK. RELAX. LISTEN TO SOME MUSIC. You were up the whole night. Clearly, you are not in the right state of mind to work. No wonder you are stuck. Indulge in some creative hobby for sometime. It will rejuvenate you. Once you take a fresh start with a fresh perspective at your problem, it will definitely resolve the issue you are facing. Creativity pays off in the weirdest of times.

L: Utter waste of time. I shall utilise that time continuing at my work instead.

R: Or you could try what i suggested and know that the Right brain is always right! 😉 If there was no creativity, everything would have been boring GREY. Just the way you are.

L: Really? If there was no science you wouldn’t have known that the earth was round.

R: Yeah, but if there was no art, you wouldn’t have known that the earth was so pretty.

L : If there was no Math, you wouldn’t know that 1+1 is equal to 2.

R: If there was no Creativity, you wouldn’t know that 1+1, if in love, is ONE not TWO.. 🙂

L: If there was no Darwin, you wouldn’t have known that we had all evolved over millions and millions of years into the human beings we are.

R: If there was no Da Vinci, you wouldn’t have known what we are going to be evolved into, after millions and millions of years from now.

L: i am responsible for Logic.

R: i am responsible for Love.

L: i am responsible for discovery.

R: i am responsible for curiosity. And you very well know curiosity if the first step towards discovery.

L: i made the “Eureka” moment happen.

R: i made the joyful endeavour that led to the “Eureka” moment.

L: So thats it.. i guess we have reached a deadlock. There is no end to this argument and there clearly are multiple outcomes to this probability.

R: You just said “WE BOTH WIN”, in Robotian.

L: Will relax and listen to some music now. Hope that helps me get to a solution about my problem.

R: I know that it will.

L: Yeah, and i agree to it with all my full-sized aortic pump. 😀


Dont Need an AD agency….? Think Again!!

We are all aware of the phrase “selling ice to an eskimo.”Ofcourse , a  person who is really really amazing at his persuasive skills can achieve this feat.So where do you find such an individual? Two words – Advertising Agency. Ad agencies garner such talents in each and every prospect of their selling business which includes concept design,production,purchases right until the market reviews.

The first and foremost step is to identify and select the right agency for your business process which will harness the most out of your available resources -money being the pivotal one! The agency shall work according to your products, objectives, ethos, culture and will create an amazing advertising campaign that will SELL!
Some people believe that hiring an ad agency is a liability to their respective businesses. But the truth is that in these stressed economic times, an agency will think of a way which is distinct and powerful in terms of using the client’s “green color” to their optimum advantage.

This is exactly when a Full Service Agency like THiN i adv co. saves the day!

But why THiN i ?

There is a jungle of ad agencies out there who have hired full time expertise to work on the areas of copywriting, concept creation and execution, art direction and planning. Making use of the talents of the people they have employed, they boringly work with a set goal in mind along a strict professional approach BLAH BLAH BLAH…We obviously undertake this universally observed pattern of work but we still show a much needed contrast.

The fact that makes THiN i stand apart from the regular crowd and be distinguished is that we believe in ‘SEEING BEYOND’. The letter ‘i’ stands for iDEAS which iNSPIRE and lead to successful iNNOVATIONS. It also represents the iNSIGHTS from the world of iNFINITE iMAGINATION. THiN i believes in ideas that are –

  • simple yet creatively and strategically inspired
  • drive relevant brand differentiations
  • unconventional & futuristic in approach
  • bring a larger perspective to the brand
  • creates a longer impact in the minds of consumers

Not being restricted within the explored world is our motto. We like to go through the wormhole and bring stories of parallel universes back with us…  🙂

Talking of exploring stuff, brings us to BRANDS. The perception of a brand by the end user is extremely vital. THiN i knows that an increased perception and awareness, increases the chances of acceptance and longetivity of the brand in the minds of the consumers. They strive to build and sustain this image amongst the targeted audience. Transformation of a product or service into a brand is a slow and gradual process. Taking care of each and every phase of this transformation is THiN i’s  job.

All said and done, to realize the perks that your business will receive you have got to hire the right ad agency. It will put all of its energies into building your brand in a compelling manner through creative strategy and marketing.

So the next time a man is trying to sell you ice in the Arctic, do not fail to ask him this – “ON BEHALF OF WHICH ADVERTISING AGENCY ARE YOU WORKING?”  😉

The A to B of Selling….

Once upon a time there were two men (lets call them A and B). They both were fierce competitors of one another as a result of being in the same business – to sell !

Both had extremely intelligent strategies for their respective businesses. A’s business was to create awareness amongst the people about a product while B’s business was to make sure that the product lives upto its name amongst the masses. Both of them were bright. But there was a problem. The growth of their respective businesses was stunted. No matter how hard they tried, no matter how smart they tried, they could not reach their goals.

Eventually on the verge of losing hope, they walked into a bar to drink their problems away (DUH!) Watching  the bartender mix their drinks, it struck them.

“What if we did the same to our businesses?”

They hurried back home and came up with a completely new and innovative strategy. They mixed their talents and resources together. As a result their business boomed.

A and B have been inseperable ever since. Their names were Advertising and Branding.

Advertising is a means of communicating the story of a brand to the audience, whereas branding refers to the building of the impression and reputation  that the people have  about a product and the process of trying to change or enhance it further. A brand  emerges from the whole picture of what advertising does and  advertising emerges from creating brands.

Being an AD-MAD person myself, I may say that Advertising and Branding are the two most important questions for any business process. Unless you say ‘YES’ as an answer to both these questions, you might end up in a bar too (and not in a good way).

‘Advertising is not voodoo. The client could ultimately hope only to create the impression of a connection or resonance between the brand and what was important to consumers. And what was important to consumers was, always and invariably, themselves. What they conceived themselves to be’

-David Foster Wallace