The A to B of Selling….

Once upon a time there were two men (lets call them A and B). They both were fierce competitors of one another as a result of being in the same business – to sell !

Both had extremely intelligent strategies for their respective businesses. A’s business was to create awareness amongst the people about a product while B’s business was to make sure that the product lives upto its name amongst the masses. Both of them were bright. But there was a problem. The growth of their respective businesses was stunted. No matter how hard they tried, no matter how smart they tried, they could not reach their goals.

Eventually on the verge of losing hope, they walked into a bar to drink their problems away (DUH!) Watching  the bartender mix their drinks, it struck them.

“What if we did the same to our businesses?”

They hurried back home and came up with a completely new and innovative strategy. They mixed their talents and resources together. As a result their business boomed.

A and B have been inseperable ever since. Their names were Advertising and Branding.

Advertising is a means of communicating the story of a brand to the audience, whereas branding refers to the building of the impression and reputation  that the people have  about a product and the process of trying to change or enhance it further. A brand  emerges from the whole picture of what advertising does and  advertising emerges from creating brands.

Being an AD-MAD person myself, I may say that Advertising and Branding are the two most important questions for any business process. Unless you say ‘YES’ as an answer to both these questions, you might end up in a bar too (and not in a good way).

‘Advertising is not voodoo. The client could ultimately hope only to create the impression of a connection or resonance between the brand and what was important to consumers. And what was important to consumers was, always and invariably, themselves. What they conceived themselves to be’

-David Foster Wallace

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