1. One whole advertising agency.
  2. One tsp timid intern.
  3. One freshly cracked client.
  4. One tablespoon of a demented creative director.
  5. A bowl of chopped craziness.
  6. Freshly grated beauty of ideas, intelligence and charm.
  7. A talented graphic artist.
  8. A bucketful of PASSION fruit.



  • Take one whole advertising agency and make sure it is firm and finely ambitious.
  • Take years and years of experience, a spoonful of successes and failures, awards and rejections, rise and falls. Mix it all together to form a paste.
  • Add this paste to the ad agency and let it marinate. The more the marination the better.
  • In a separate pan, take one tsp of a timid and totally confused intern. Fry it on medium heat of deadlines until you get a nice aroma of intelligence and talent.
  • Once the timidness and confusion starts to crackle, remove it from the heat and let it cool.
  • Put the marinated ad agency and our freshly cooled intern in a mixer-grinder and blend them real nice. Now you have turned the intern into an employee.
  • Introduce the employee with an important assignment from a freshly cracked client.
  • Let the employee simmer with the assignment on a low flame. Keep stirring the employee with the help of a demented creative director occasionally.(very important step)
  • When you see the intern all red, boiling and blabbering with excitement successfully, turn off the heat and cover the idea with the lid of APPRECIATION.
  • Pour the contents in a large bowl and add a dollop of amazing designs and typography to it. Place slices of passion fruit on the side of the dish to decorate. Now your advertisement is ready to eat.
  • Watch this out of the box delicacy instantly connect with the people eating and raving about it.


  • If the intern is raw, wait until it is fully ripe and ready to be an employee before putting it in the mainstream advertising recipe.
  • Always choose a “cuckoo” creative director. (They are the ones with the maximum stirring ability).

(Copywriter, THiN i Advertising & Branding co.)

You think you belong in the Advertising Industry …Really?


Keep going downtown to find out if you possess 1 or more or all of the following super powers that are mandatory to survive in the world of creativity –
**Comment your score below 😀

1. You are smirking at the word “downtown”   😉
2. No matter how hard you tried during those school days, you always got a stupid “C” in Math. 😦
3. If you had to choose between coffee and coffee,you would always choose coffee!
4. Your daily dose of entertainment whilst growing up was watching The Powerpuff girls, Dragonball -Z, Bob the Builder and Samurai Jack with a bowl of cereal.
5. You have just realised you need to download all of the Dragon ball-Z webisodes.
6. Every time a client disapproves an awesome idea of yours, you want to scream Bloody Murder… But you cant!
7. There have been more clumsy and awkward moments in your life than the “oh so pretty” ones.
8. You think all of your work is exceptional even when it is as dumb as a rock paddling with one oar!
9. HOLIDAY every SATURDAY – your motto!
10. You don’t believe in racism .. You hate everybody equally.
11. You like to visualise meaningful shapes out of the clouds in the sky and then laugh about the obscene ones.
12. You like to check your phone every 2 minutes (Ok, this can be universal).
13. No matter how many times you watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you just can’t get enough of it.
14. You decide on buying a Louis Vuitton upon receiving your next salary but somehow end up buying a vegetable sandwich.
15. You helplessly watch all your money vanish in thin air within the first few days of every month.  😦
16. If you are a copywriter, you are a thorough worshipper of the
Greek God – THESAURUS.
17. You have picked your nose in your boss’s office when they were not around.
18. Two minute noodles come to your rescue when you are famished due to working late in the office.
19. You are always working late in the office.  :/
20. If you don’t make it to the deadline, you are dead.
21. A client will never understand/approve a visually tantalising presentation of yours…you know, because they know so much!
22. Then they will look at you in despise as if you sport eleven fingers and a giant booger!
24. You can extract creativity out of any situation – Even when your boss is yelling at you,their shadow takes the shape of a creature with horns,a tail and friggin trident.
25. You feel betrayed when someone tells you, “Hey look, the idea you just cooked up is already present on the internet ”.
26. When you were 10 you had no idea what you wanted to be.. Now that you are 25, you have no idea what you want to be.
27. You are wondering how long does this list go ?
28. You can never decide which of your dragons should win the duel occasionally hosted by you in your head.
29. Now you are imagining dragons and did not realise that number 23 is missing in this list.
30. Red appeals to you more than any other colour.
31. You have imagined being in a Batman suit and saving the world atleast once in your life.
32. You like criticizing others work. You hate being criticized by others on your work.
33. You very well know – “inspired” is a fancy name for “hell yeah, its a copy!”
34. You believe that the Homo Sapiens Sapiens who practise grammatically incorrect and improper English should be executed!
35. You can’t remember your damn passwords.
36. You spend most of your time on Pinterest surfing for “inspirational” ideas.
37. You cannot get your creative juices flowing unless there is music around.
38. The service technician/networking guy will fix your computer and as soon as he leaves, the damn thing will roll back to the same problem.
39. You have recently started realising that you are socially boycotted.
40. You have lost the right to expect a 9 to 5 job ….PERMANENTLY and FOREVER.
41. You hate Justin Bieber….too!
42. You have lost the right to say NO…  PERMANENTLY and FOREVER.
43. Everytime somebody ranks Game of Thrones over LOTR, you want to knock the bejesus out of them – because Harry Potter is the best.
44. When you were looking for your first ever job, you were offered an internship that paid “pebbles” which weren’t even round.
45. Now you have landed a great job which pays round “pebbles”.
46. A brilliantly made advertising campaign or a creative idea sets off the happy tears and you resemble a school girl from some Japanese anime.
47. When you were a fresher, you were picked on by your collegues like the weakest member of the herd!
49. Every night before going to sleep you pray to Superman that the poor little squirrel from Ice Age gets its acorn soon.
50. My boss was wearing a stunning Emerald green blazer today. (I know its irrelevant to the post but I cudn’t think of anything else to put at the last position)

Copywriter,THiN i adv & branding co.

Coffeevertising… !! ;)



So i woke up this morning in front of a mirror and this amazingly hideous person was looking back at me..For a minute there i thought that the ZOMBIE apocalypse had struck already. It took me a moment to realise – “Hey, that’s just me, without my morning coffee!”
I very well know that every human who thinks that this dark beverage is their “YODA – the driving force”, shall agree with me. COFFEE IS NOT AN ADDICTION – IT IS A RELIGION. For the people who proudly declare to being bitten by the advertising bug, it is a very common thing to be stuck at something stupid for hours on end and whine.You just have that one cuppa and – VOILA…….. yes…. you’re still stuck, but the whining sure is fun now 
Coffee is such a widely practised ritual amongst the creative clan, i can actually imagine them waving pompoms and cheerleading –

“Coffee..Coffee its our drink!
If we dont get it,we cant think…!” *pfffff*

I work at this brilliant ad agency in Mumbai where I have been hired to THINK. They pay me for my ideas. I am so very glad that coffee isn’t a person. Because then it would have been really unfair if i didn’t split my pay cheque with it at the end of every month. Imagine the comfort of working in an environment where everyone is as crazy about coffee as you are…and that includes my creative director too… My boss is a very calm and composed lady. I have never seen her yell or go mad at anybody…(Yet!) But if a doomsday like this ever dawns upon me,i already have thought of a solution to that –

Step 1. Retreat to a safe distance.
Step 2. Slide a mug of coffee at her.
Step3. Wait for the calamity to pass.

That ought to put me in her good list for a while, because the kind of a coffee person that she is, somehow i believe, she carries an invisible sign above her head – “INSERT COFFEE TO BEGIN” O_o

That’s the story of just one ad agency.There are a million more out there all around the world who breath coffee day in and day out. So much so that September 29 has been declared as ‘National Coffee Day’ in the U.S.
That’s a lot of talk for today. Its time to go and brew myself a cup of freshly ground heaven. You keep watching this space for more interesting stories and anecdotes

– says the Coffeewriter *cough cough* i meant Copywriter, THiN i adv & branding co.