Coffeevertising… !! ;)



So i woke up this morning in front of a mirror and this amazingly hideous person was looking back at me..For a minute there i thought that the ZOMBIE apocalypse had struck already. It took me a moment to realise – “Hey, that’s just me, without my morning coffee!”
I very well know that every human who thinks that this dark beverage is their “YODA – the driving force”, shall agree with me. COFFEE IS NOT AN ADDICTION – IT IS A RELIGION. For the people who proudly declare to being bitten by the advertising bug, it is a very common thing to be stuck at something stupid for hours on end and whine.You just have that one cuppa and – VOILA…….. yes…. you’re still stuck, but the whining sure is fun now 
Coffee is such a widely practised ritual amongst the creative clan, i can actually imagine them waving pompoms and cheerleading –

“Coffee..Coffee its our drink!
If we dont get it,we cant think…!” *pfffff*

I work at this brilliant ad agency in Mumbai where I have been hired to THINK. They pay me for my ideas. I am so very glad that coffee isn’t a person. Because then it would have been really unfair if i didn’t split my pay cheque with it at the end of every month. Imagine the comfort of working in an environment where everyone is as crazy about coffee as you are…and that includes my creative director too… My boss is a very calm and composed lady. I have never seen her yell or go mad at anybody…(Yet!) But if a doomsday like this ever dawns upon me,i already have thought of a solution to that –

Step 1. Retreat to a safe distance.
Step 2. Slide a mug of coffee at her.
Step3. Wait for the calamity to pass.

That ought to put me in her good list for a while, because the kind of a coffee person that she is, somehow i believe, she carries an invisible sign above her head – “INSERT COFFEE TO BEGIN” O_o

That’s the story of just one ad agency.There are a million more out there all around the world who breath coffee day in and day out. So much so that September 29 has been declared as ‘National Coffee Day’ in the U.S.
That’s a lot of talk for today. Its time to go and brew myself a cup of freshly ground heaven. You keep watching this space for more interesting stories and anecdotes

– says the Coffeewriter *cough cough* i meant Copywriter, THiN i adv & branding co.

4 thoughts on “Coffeevertising… !! ;)

  1. Being a caffine addict myself, I could relate to the article. Could almost smell the warm brew. My personal favourite of course is the freshly ground coorgi coffee. It is the ultimate stress buster, magic herb from the enigmatic land

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