1. One whole advertising agency.
  2. One tsp timid intern.
  3. One freshly cracked client.
  4. One tablespoon of a demented creative director.
  5. A bowl of chopped craziness.
  6. Freshly grated beauty of ideas, intelligence and charm.
  7. A talented graphic artist.
  8. A bucketful of PASSION fruit.



  • Take one whole advertising agency and make sure it is firm and finely ambitious.
  • Take years and years of experience, a spoonful of successes and failures, awards and rejections, rise and falls. Mix it all together to form a paste.
  • Add this paste to the ad agency and let it marinate. The more the marination the better.
  • In a separate pan, take one tsp of a timid and totally confused intern. Fry it on medium heat of deadlines until you get a nice aroma of intelligence and talent.
  • Once the timidness and confusion starts to crackle, remove it from the heat and let it cool.
  • Put the marinated ad agency and our freshly cooled intern in a mixer-grinder and blend them real nice. Now you have turned the intern into an employee.
  • Introduce the employee with an important assignment from a freshly cracked client.
  • Let the employee simmer with the assignment on a low flame. Keep stirring the employee with the help of a demented creative director occasionally.(very important step)
  • When you see the intern all red, boiling and blabbering with excitement successfully, turn off the heat and cover the idea with the lid of APPRECIATION.
  • Pour the contents in a large bowl and add a dollop of amazing designs and typography to it. Place slices of passion fruit on the side of the dish to decorate. Now your advertisement is ready to eat.
  • Watch this out of the box delicacy instantly connect with the people eating and raving about it.


  • If the intern is raw, wait until it is fully ripe and ready to be an employee before putting it in the mainstream advertising recipe.
  • Always choose a “cuckoo” creative director. (They are the ones with the maximum stirring ability).

(Copywriter, THiN i Advertising & Branding co.)

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