Advertise Love – But Why?


Centuries ago when Saint Valentinus hosted a feast filled with affection and endearment, little did he know that the world would be celebrating a day dedicated entirely to him in the name of love!
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, why not turn ourselves pink and think for a little while – WHY DOES LOVE NOT NEED ADVERTISING ?
Love is the only “commodity” on the planet which has never been advertised or branded or packaged but still, its supply to demand curve is always unstable – leaves people yearning for more! It is a known fact that being amongst the people you love drastically raises your serotonin levels. It makes you happier, calmer, and more importantly, it makes you feel special.

Love has seen it all, in a “been there, done that” kind of situation.

  • Seen an inventor’s love for his invention.
  • Seen a cruel dictator’s love towards hatred.
  • Seen a potter’s love for his earthenware.
  • Seen it in the eyes of a mother whose call was mistakenly ignored.
  • Seen a little girl’s love for her doll house.
  • Seen the universe in love with you.
  • Seen a homeless person’s love for his stray dog.
  • Seen it in the eyes of someone who waits.

There is always hope no matter how wronged the world is. No matter how eerie the news was, that you came across today, you have love to replace it with.
All of this and so much more unexpressed – If you really think about it, the other way round holds true. Love doesn’t need advertising…

Advertising needs love.
Advertising needs Passion.
An idea or a creative execution without the colour red is like a mirror with no reflection.

Love your passion.
Love your creativity.
And above everything else, love yourself as the universe is madly in love with you – every second of every day.

Raise your Serotonin Levels – GO HUG A LONELY TREE.

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