Advertise Love – But Why?


Centuries ago when Saint Valentinus hosted a feast filled with affection and endearment, little did he know that the world would be celebrating a day dedicated entirely to him in the name of love!
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, why not turn ourselves pink and think for a little while – WHY DOES LOVE NOT NEED ADVERTISING ?
Love is the only “commodity” on the planet which has never been advertised or branded or packaged but still, its supply to demand curve is always unstable – leaves people yearning for more! It is a known fact that being amongst the people you love drastically raises your serotonin levels. It makes you happier, calmer, and more importantly, it makes you feel special.

Love has seen it all, in a “been there, done that” kind of situation.

  • Seen an inventor’s love for his invention.
  • Seen a cruel dictator’s love towards hatred.
  • Seen a potter’s love for his earthenware.
  • Seen it in the eyes of a mother whose call was mistakenly ignored.
  • Seen a little girl’s love for her doll house.
  • Seen the universe in love with you.
  • Seen a homeless person’s love for his stray dog.
  • Seen it in the eyes of someone who waits.

There is always hope no matter how wronged the world is. No matter how eerie the news was, that you came across today, you have love to replace it with.
All of this and so much more unexpressed – If you really think about it, the other way round holds true. Love doesn’t need advertising…

Advertising needs love.
Advertising needs Passion.
An idea or a creative execution without the colour red is like a mirror with no reflection.

Love your passion.
Love your creativity.
And above everything else, love yourself as the universe is madly in love with you – every second of every day.

Raise your Serotonin Levels – GO HUG A LONELY TREE.

Coffeevertising… !! ;)



So i woke up this morning in front of a mirror and this amazingly hideous person was looking back at me..For a minute there i thought that the ZOMBIE apocalypse had struck already. It took me a moment to realise – “Hey, that’s just me, without my morning coffee!”
I very well know that every human who thinks that this dark beverage is their “YODA – the driving force”, shall agree with me. COFFEE IS NOT AN ADDICTION – IT IS A RELIGION. For the people who proudly declare to being bitten by the advertising bug, it is a very common thing to be stuck at something stupid for hours on end and whine.You just have that one cuppa and – VOILA…….. yes…. you’re still stuck, but the whining sure is fun now 
Coffee is such a widely practised ritual amongst the creative clan, i can actually imagine them waving pompoms and cheerleading –

“Coffee..Coffee its our drink!
If we dont get it,we cant think…!” *pfffff*

I work at this brilliant ad agency in Mumbai where I have been hired to THINK. They pay me for my ideas. I am so very glad that coffee isn’t a person. Because then it would have been really unfair if i didn’t split my pay cheque with it at the end of every month. Imagine the comfort of working in an environment where everyone is as crazy about coffee as you are…and that includes my creative director too… My boss is a very calm and composed lady. I have never seen her yell or go mad at anybody…(Yet!) But if a doomsday like this ever dawns upon me,i already have thought of a solution to that –

Step 1. Retreat to a safe distance.
Step 2. Slide a mug of coffee at her.
Step3. Wait for the calamity to pass.

That ought to put me in her good list for a while, because the kind of a coffee person that she is, somehow i believe, she carries an invisible sign above her head – “INSERT COFFEE TO BEGIN” O_o

That’s the story of just one ad agency.There are a million more out there all around the world who breath coffee day in and day out. So much so that September 29 has been declared as ‘National Coffee Day’ in the U.S.
That’s a lot of talk for today. Its time to go and brew myself a cup of freshly ground heaven. You keep watching this space for more interesting stories and anecdotes

– says the Coffeewriter *cough cough* i meant Copywriter, THiN i adv & branding co.

Dont Need an AD agency….? Think Again!!

We are all aware of the phrase “selling ice to an eskimo.”Ofcourse , a  person who is really really amazing at his persuasive skills can achieve this feat.So where do you find such an individual? Two words – Advertising Agency. Ad agencies garner such talents in each and every prospect of their selling business which includes concept design,production,purchases right until the market reviews.

The first and foremost step is to identify and select the right agency for your business process which will harness the most out of your available resources -money being the pivotal one! The agency shall work according to your products, objectives, ethos, culture and will create an amazing advertising campaign that will SELL!
Some people believe that hiring an ad agency is a liability to their respective businesses. But the truth is that in these stressed economic times, an agency will think of a way which is distinct and powerful in terms of using the client’s “green color” to their optimum advantage.

This is exactly when a Full Service Agency like THiN i adv co. saves the day!

But why THiN i ?

There is a jungle of ad agencies out there who have hired full time expertise to work on the areas of copywriting, concept creation and execution, art direction and planning. Making use of the talents of the people they have employed, they boringly work with a set goal in mind along a strict professional approach BLAH BLAH BLAH…We obviously undertake this universally observed pattern of work but we still show a much needed contrast.

The fact that makes THiN i stand apart from the regular crowd and be distinguished is that we believe in ‘SEEING BEYOND’. The letter ‘i’ stands for iDEAS which iNSPIRE and lead to successful iNNOVATIONS. It also represents the iNSIGHTS from the world of iNFINITE iMAGINATION. THiN i believes in ideas that are –

  • simple yet creatively and strategically inspired
  • drive relevant brand differentiations
  • unconventional & futuristic in approach
  • bring a larger perspective to the brand
  • creates a longer impact in the minds of consumers

Not being restricted within the explored world is our motto. We like to go through the wormhole and bring stories of parallel universes back with us…  🙂

Talking of exploring stuff, brings us to BRANDS. The perception of a brand by the end user is extremely vital. THiN i knows that an increased perception and awareness, increases the chances of acceptance and longetivity of the brand in the minds of the consumers. They strive to build and sustain this image amongst the targeted audience. Transformation of a product or service into a brand is a slow and gradual process. Taking care of each and every phase of this transformation is THiN i’s  job.

All said and done, to realize the perks that your business will receive you have got to hire the right ad agency. It will put all of its energies into building your brand in a compelling manner through creative strategy and marketing.

So the next time a man is trying to sell you ice in the Arctic, do not fail to ask him this – “ON BEHALF OF WHICH ADVERTISING AGENCY ARE YOU WORKING?”  😉